A leading asset manager and provider of index-based investment solutions – replicated responsibly and accurately.

Our investment philosophy 

The Swiss Life Asset Managers offering aims to provide and implement attractive, clear and understandable index investments that meet the latest technological and conceptual requirements. We combine many years of expertise with state-of-the-art systems and solid investment processes to achieve the highest possible precision in index replication. All indexed fund solutions are managed from Switzerland and are specially tailored to the needs of Swiss investors.

Our investment process

Our investment process is based on many years of expertise in managing indexed funds. We rely on a well-established portfolio management team and robust, proven processes, and combine them with state of-the-art systems.  

Identifying, assessing and managing risks is part of our DNA and is based on over 165 years of experience in the investment business and in managing risks. We also ensure the independent monitoring of risks.

Individual multi-asset class mandates with index funds

We manage individual investment strategies with our cost-efficient index funds in indexed multi-asset portfolios. With our rebalancing approach, we keep reallocations in the portfolio as low as possible, thus reducing transactions to the necessary minimum with a low tracking error. 

Individual mandates with direct investments

We implement specific client needs in individual mandates with direct investments. Our portfolio management team has many years of experience in managing customised index investments. This enables us to optimally implement individual customer requirements such as specific optimisation criteria and exclusion lists in the portfolio. 

Consideration of ESG aspects

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We will offer various index funds that replicate an ESG benchmark in order to integrate sustainability aspects into investment strategies. We also strictly exclude securities of producers of controversial weapons in all index funds. To do so, we use the exclusion list from the Swiss Association for Responsible Investments (SVVK-ASIR). 

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