The opening of the Real Estate Switzerland and Commercial Real Estate Switzerland investment groups attracted a lot of interest from investors and was oversubscribed several times over. The two newly launched Infrastructure Global investment groups (in EUR and currency-hedged in CHF) also met with a very pleasing response, with around CHF 200 million in capital commitments from investors. These investment groups are managed with a focus on renewable energy investments while also taking ESG factors into ac-count. Moreover, they have been classified under the new BVV 2 “infrastructure investments” category.

The opening for the two real estate investment groups from 1 February to 31 March 2021 attracted a lot of interest from investors despite a challenging market environment. The targeted volume of up to CHF 500 million was oversubscribed several times. In total, some 300 investors took part in the opening. The capital will be used to reduce the borrowing ratio as well as purchase additional properties, realise new
construction projects and make ongoing investments in the portfolio. The selective expansion of the portfolio with its clear focus on high quality has paid off. At the same time, both investment groups enjoy an above-average occupancy rate (as at the end of March 2021: 97.6% and 97.5%).

In the real estate investment business, too, Swiss Life Asset Managers consistently takes ESG (environment, social and governance) criteria into account when buying, constructing or managing properties. The Real Estate Switzerland and Commercial Real Estate Switzerland investment groups have participated in the annual GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) since 2018. In 2019 and 2020, both investment groups received a “Green Star” rating – an acknowledgement of good ESG integration in real estate investments.

The two investment groups Infrastructure Global (CHF hedged) and Infrastructure Global (EUR), which are being launched with capital commitments, have been given an “evergreen” structure (i.e. with no fixed term). They offer investors inexpensive and efficient access to the Swiss Life Asset Managers infrastructure investment platform and thus to the target funds in which Swiss Life also invests its own assets. Both new investment groups were approved by the OAK BV as one of the first investment solutions ever under the new BVV 2 “infrastructure quota”. They are an ideal basic investment in global infrastructure for employee benefits institutions.

Stephan Thaler, Managing Director of Swiss Life Investment Foundation, is delighted: “The highly successful opening of the real estate investment groups and the launch of the infrastructure investment groups is a strong vote of confidence by our investors in the high quality and long-standing expertise of Swiss Life Asset Managers in the management of real value investments. We are particularly proud that these offering initiatives have enabled the Investment Foundation to expand its broadly diversified circle of investors once again by 15%: this now comprises over 670 Swiss employee benefits institutions.”