We are an experienced asset manager with expertise in the management of institutional investments taking ESG criteria into account.

Our investment philosophy

Swiss Life Asset Managers has a long track record in managing institutional assets. Our asset allocation experts link earnings opportunities, investment risks and regulatory restrictions to client-specific goals and opportunities.

For our investment strategy we draw on global economic analyses, statistical models and the know-how of our portfolio managers. Thanks to our active risk management – which takes ESG risks in particular into account – we enable our clients to achieve sustainable, risk-adjusted returns. This is how we help them realise their long-term financial plans.

The investment process

To assess the risks and opportunities of an investment environment, we draw on our economic experts’ analyses. These provide an overview of the asset classes, markets and currencies in the main economic regions. Together with the insights from our proprietary models, they allow us to draw conclusions about the attractiveness of investments. 

After the portfolio managers have harmonised these "views" with the client's needs, they implement them in the managed portfolios. As the financial markets and analytical methods are constantly evolving, we regularly review our models and processes. In this way, we ensure consistent quality and reliability.


Consideration of ESG aspects

Swiss Life Asset Managers aims to provide its clients with a sustainably solid performance based on responsible investment decisions. We are convinced that this is only possible if ESG criteria are actively taken into account. Therefore, we exclude any investments that conflict with our values and beliefs. This applies both to the direct and indirect implementation of our investment strategy (e.g. with equities or funds respectively). We also seek to understand in detail the ESG characteristics of the investment instruments and companies we can invest in as well as the resulting ESG characteristics of the portfolios.

Competent and strong in implementation

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Swiss Life Asset Managers has a wealth of expertise in managing multi-asset portfolios. We are very familiar with the regulatory requirements and know our customers’ individual needs. They can also benefit from our expertise via collective investment vehicles. 

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