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Our investment philosophy

The Swiss Life Asset Managers investment strategy aims at sustainable and attractive risk-adjusted returns that meet the long-term financial needs of our clients. We rely on systematic securities selection, strict risk control, operational excellence and the integration of ESG criteria for their implementation. 

To ensure sustainable, competitive performance, we focus on research and development. Our investment models are based on a rigorous research process that identifies and systematically exploits market inefficiencies.

Through a high degree of automation, we make our processes more efficient, safer and more precise. We actively promote the internal development of tailor-made IT solutions – for strategic use as well as for portfolio implementation and monitoring. 

Because we want to meet our social responsibility, we pay particular attention to ESG analysis. By continuously searching for and evaluating innovative solutions, we want to further expand
our competitive edge in the area of sustainability.

Our investment process

Our investment process evaluates market opportunities using quantitative methods and state-of-the-art IT technologies. But before the results are incorporated into our models, they must be economically sound.

We take a bottom-up approach to our investment process that prioritises stock selection. In structuring our portfolios, we place particular emphasis on good risk spreading and the avoidance of undesirable risks. 

Our portfolio managers work closely with our quantitative analysts. Together, they work on planning longer-term innovation projects and IT tools, as well as on portfolio construction. Here, the portfolio managers focus on the operational management of the portfolios, which includes monitoring them and analysing their performance. The two teams’ overlapping tasks make for a creative dialogue and improve the performance of our models.

Consideration of ESG aspects

Swiss Life Asset Managers aims to provide its clients with a sustainably solid performance based on responsible investment decisions. We are confident that this is possible if ESG criteria are actively taken into account. In most portfolios, therefore, we rule out investments that conflict with our values and beliefs. Consideration of the ESG characteristics of the companies in the portfolios depends on whether the strategy is focused on certain topics or whether it aims for broad management of ESG risks. Aside from this, we seek to offer our customers solutions that are solid and sustainable over the long term from an ESG perspective too.

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Our investment strategies at a glance

  • Diversified regional strategies that outperform.
  • Defensive equity solutions for lower drawdowns in negative market phases.
  • Thematically focused portfolios (Sustainable Impact Products).

Professional and private investors may also invest in collective investment vehicles.

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