The capital increase for the Swiss Life REF (CH) European Properties real estate fund has been successfully concluded. The issue will generate new assets totalling the maximum amount of around EUR 42.8 million for the fund.

The capital increase for “Swiss Life REF (CH) European Properties”, which ran from 8 to 21 September 2022, was successfully completed. The new assets totalled around EUR 42.8 million.

The issue took place on a commission (“best effort") basis as part of a subscription offer in Switzerland. No subscription rights were officially traded during the subscription period. With a subscription ratio of fourteen (14) to one (1) (fourteen subscription rights entitle the holder to purchase one new fund unit) the maximum amount of 388 888 units was distributed at an issue price of EUR 110.00 per unit. Oversubscriptions will be proportionally reduced. Payment under subscription for the new fund units will be made on 28 September 2022. As of that date, a total of 5 833 331 fund units will be in circulation.

The issue proceeds will be used for the acquisition of new real estate assets and projects throughout Europe (excl. Switzerland).

The fund currently owns nineteen properties in nine European countries with a total market value of around EUR 710.2 million. The additional capital will enable the fund to continue its successful growth strategy and further diversify its portfolio.

Responsible investment
Swiss Life Asset Managers has been a signatory to the UN PRI (UN Principles for Responsible Investment) since 2018. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are systematically integrated into the investment and risk management processes at Swiss Life Asset Managers. In the real estate investment business, appropriate criteria are taken into account both in the purchasing process as well as in construction projects and property management.

Fund information

Name Swiss Life REF (CH) European Properties
Securities no. | ISIN
Unit: 38 541 554 / CH038 541 554 9
Legal form of the real estate fund
Contractual investment fund under Swiss law of the type “real estate fund” for qualified investors.
Portfolio manager Swiss Life Asset Management Ltd. Zurich
Fund management company Swiss Life Asset Management Ltd. Zurich
Custodian bank
Credit Suisse (Switzerland) AG