The Swiss Life Investment Foundation and Swiss Life Asset Managers are launching new collective investments for sustainable mortgages. These comprise a Swiss investment fund for qualified investors and an investment group for Swiss pension funds. The target volume is at least one billion Swiss francs.

The new Swiss investment fund "Swiss Life ESG Mortgage Fund" and the "Mortgages Switzerland ESG" investment group enable investments in Swiss mortgages that meet the sustainability criteria stipulated by Swiss Life Asset Managers. These include environmental objectives such as containing climate change and pollution and protecting the ecosystems. These sustainability targets are intended to create benefits for mortgagors and investors. The investment fund was launched at the start of July 2021, and the investment group will follow in the second half of the year.
Advantages of mortgages as an asset class
In addition to the Swiss bond market, mortgages offer additional opportunities both to diversify your investment portfolio and to invest on a secured basis in Swiss francs over the long term. When lending, there is a strong focus on debtor creditworthiness, sustainability and collateralisation.

Sustainable mortgages
These innovative investment solutions are among the first collective mortgage investments in Switzerland to be managed according to sustainability criteria. The investment vehicles invest according to separate criteria in mortgages that finance sustainable and energy-efficient buildings and energy-efficiency promoting renovations. The aim is to make an effective contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Switzerland by promoting the environmental sustainability of the building stock.
Longstanding experience in the mortgages segment
Swiss Life has been in the mortgage business since 1858. Swiss Life Asset Managers has managed an insurance mortgage portfolio for over a decade, currently worth around CHF 10 billion.