Swiss Life Asset Managers is planning to launch a new real estate fund product for institutional investors in Switzerland in autumn 2017. The investment focus will be on commercial properties with stable value in European metropolitan regions. At the launch, the fund is to have at least EUR 250 million in capital.

The new real estate fund from Swiss Life Asset Managers plans to invest in properties in Core and Core Plus locations in large European cities and in European regional centres and their suburbs. The focus of the investments will be on the European core markets of Germany, Austria, France and Benelux. Investments are also planned in the United Kingdom, Scandinavia and Southern Europe. Swiss Life Ltd intends to make an investment upon the launch, and thus remain committed over the long term.

Advantages of investing in European real estate
Investments in European real estate generate attractive returns in the current low interest rate environment. They also have a low correlation to other asset classes. Swiss investors can use European real estate investments to significantly diversify their portfolios. Additional advantages include stable returns through rental income and potential inflation protection.

Europe’s largest institutional real estate investor
Swiss Life Asset Managers has successfully expanded its investment business with third-party clients in recent years. As at the end of March, assets under management totalled more than CHF 52 billion. Together with the investments of Swiss Life's insurance companies, Swiss Life Asset Managers has assets of over CHF 200 billion under management. With real estate in the value of around CHF 72.3 billion at the end of 2016, Swiss Life Asset Managers is Europe’s largest real estate investor.* 

*PropertyEU, Top 100 Investors, October 2016

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