The capital increase from 10 to 18 January 2017 for Swiss Life REF (CH) Swiss Properties attracted a lot of interest from investors and was completed successfully. The subscription volume totaled of around CHF 94 million.

The issue took place on commission ("best effort basis") as part of a subscription offer in Switzerland. No subscription rights were traded during the subscription period. With a subscription ratio of five to one (five subscription rights equate to the purchase of a new fund unit) the maximum amount of 900 000 units was distributed for an issue price of 104.37 CHF per unit. The payment under subscription for the new units will be made on 30 January 2017. From that date there will be 5 400 000 units in circulation. The issue proceeds will be used to reduce the debt restructuring and further expand the real estate fund portfolio.

Fund information


Swiss Life REF (CH) Swiss Properties

ISIN / Swiss security no.:

CH0293784861 / 29378486

Fund currency:

Swiss francs



Legal form:

Contractual real estate fund for qualified investors

Fund domicile:


Fund management company and administrator:

Swiss Life Funds AG, Lugano

Fund management representative:

Swiss Life REIM (Switzerland) AG, Zurich

Custodian bank:

UBS Switzerland AG, Zurich

Market maker:

Bank J. Safra Sarasin AG, Zurich

Launch date:

2 November 2015

The fund is domiciled in Luxembourg and authorised exclusively for qualified investors under the Federal Law on Collective Capital Investments. Full information on the investment fund can be taken from the offering document in association with the relevant financial report. These documents constitute the sole applicable legal basis for the acquisition of shares. They are available free of charge in electronic or printed form from the fund management company Swiss Life Funds AG, via Bagutti 5, P.O. Box 4642, 6904 Lugano, Swiss Life Asset Management Ltd, General-Guisan-Quai 40, 8002 Zurich or at and Payment office: UBS Switzerland AG, Bahnhofstrasse 45, 8001 Zurich. Jurisdiction is at the fund management's registered office.

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