This decision is part of the renewal of the ERAFP's management mandates and strengthens Swiss Life Asset Managers France's position as a major player in sustainable asset management in Europe.

This announcement follows the competitive procurement procedure initiated by the ERAFP in January 2022 to award four management mandates (two active and two stand-by) for unlisted SRI real estate assets in Europe.

 As an active mandate holder, Swiss Life Asset Managers France will manage an existing portfolio of real estate assets according to a core strategy, including the possibility of making acquisitions and selling of real estate assets and raising external financing whenever necessary.

These assignments will be implemented in line with the ERAFP's SRI provisions in order to support the pension fund in implementing its commitments in favour of the climate, made in particular within the framework of the Net Zero Asset Owner Alliance (NZAOA).

The estimated value of all active mandates is €2.5 billion. The contract will run for 8 years, with the option for ERAFP to renew it for two successive periods of two years each.  

"Swiss Life Asset Managers France is honoured by the trust that the ERAFP has placed in us by awarding us this strategic mandate, and we are proud to work alongside with one of the largest SRI institutional investors. Its ESG requirements make it a partner of choice, and this collaboration reinforces our commitment to
sustainability in asset management. Our expertise in the residential and service sector and our ESG tools for decarbonisation will contribute to the successful management of this portfolio,"
says Fabrice Lombardo, head of real estate activities at Swiss Life Asset Managers France.