We offer solutions and services that meet the needs of our clients so that they can achieve their long-term investment goals.

We create stability, think long-term and act responsibly. With our knowledge and experience of over 165 years in risk management, we develop forward-looking investment solutions. This is how we support our clients in achieving their long-term investment objectives. Which in turn helps their customers to plan long term and act with self-determination.

Interview with Group CIO Stefan Mächler: “Our clear value proposition”

Swiss Life enables people to lead a self-determined life. As an asset manager for securities and real estate investments, we advocate solutions that combine independence, responsibility and financial confidence. Stefan Mächler, Chief Investment Officer of the Swiss Life Group, explains what that means.

Risk Management

Our asset management is based on understanding our clients' risk and return expectations and accurately reflecting them in the market. Our top priority is to invest responsibly and act prudently with the assets entrusted to us. Our risk management stems from our experience in managing the investments of our own insurance companies for over 165 years. Reliable, continuous and sustained portfolio development tailored to the client's needs.

We manage risk actively and control it systematically. Our investment experts use a specific investment process for each asset class. They apply macroeconomic scenarios and financial market analysis to orient the portfolio optimally to the individual asset classes in line with client requirements. 

We perform risk controls on an ongoing basis to monitor the individual portfolios. These controls enable our clients to review at any time whether the risks incurred are within the set limits and whether the predefined investment process is being observed. The aim is to identify risks early, avoid them and exploit opportunities to the benefit of our clients. 

Economic Research

The Swiss Life Asset Managers Economic Research team develops medium-term economic scenarios and is responsible for the resulting fundamental assessments regarding the return potential of individual asset classes. The Economic Research team develops detailed macroeconomic forecasts regarding GDP growth and inflation for key economic regions for the most likely scenario. These economic scenarios form an important basis for the monthly Group-wide investment processes. The focus of the economic analysis is on key sectors and emerging markets as well as the real estate markets in Europe. The Economic Research team also supports the sales activities of all Swiss Life Group units.

The Economic Research team publishes monthly publications regarding macroeconomic forecasts and the assessment of the financial markets. 

  • Research

    Swiss Life Asset Managers regularly issues various publications about the company, on the topic of real estate and forecasts for the financial markets and the economic environment.

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