We act responsibly and develop future-oriented investment solutions for our clients

Swiss Life 2024

At the end of November 2021, Swiss Life presented its Group-wide programme “Swiss Life 2024” (2021-2024). This includes the new business strategy of Swiss Life Asset Managers. Swiss Life Asset Managers is an important pillar of the Swiss Life Group.

We think long term and act responsibly. Drawing on our knowledge and experience of over 165 years in risk management, we develop future-oriented investment solutions. That’s how we support our clients in achieving their long-term investment objectives. This in turn helps their clients to plan long term and act with self-determination. 

Our goal

We want to protect the funds entrusted to us and increase our clients’ earnings potential.

Our promise

We want to support our clients competently and responsibly in achieving their long-term investment objectives.

Our offer

We think long term, focus on sustainability and implement our investment decisions in a risk-conscious manner. 

Our business strategy in pictures and words

“Swiss Life 2024”: Our Key Priorities


PAM = Proprietary Asset Management TPAM = Third-Party Asset Management