“Swiss Life REF (DE) European Living” is expanding its portfolio with an attrac-tive new build complex in the Brandenburg town of Strausberg.

Another property in the Berlin metropolitan region has recently been acquired by Swiss Life Asset Managers as part of an asset deal for “Swiss Life REF (DE) European Living”. The completed new build, consisting of 30 semi-detached houses and a single-family house, is being sold by Berlin-based project developer KW-Development.

In a very good location, the new build complex impresses with its modern and homely ambience. First-time letting is being carried out by the seller. This includes a rent guarantee from the time of ownership transfer in order to generate a constant and secure cash flow.

Strausberg is located about 35 kilometres northeast of Berlin in the Märkisch-Oderland district of Brandenburg, and is part of the Berlin metropolitan area. With more than 26 000 inhabitants and educational facilities including a local primary school and grammar school, the town offers an ideal environment for young families and commuters. The landscape is shaped by the two ice-age channels to the west of the town, which today form chains of lakes running from south to north. The Straussee lake, with its renowned electric cable-hauled ferry, the only one of its kind in Germany, lies a short distance from the historic town centre. In combination with its efficient supply infrastructure and good transport connections via the nearby S-Bahn connection, the town offers a place of retreat from the hustle and bustle of Berlin.

“We are pleased to be able to expand the portfolio with an additional location in the Berlin metropolitan region. The modern new build complex, consisting of 30 semi-detached houses, offers an idyllic place of retreat for families withdrawing from the city, and  fits ideally into the fund strategy,” says Viktoria Hoffmann, Fund Manager of European Living.

 “Housing is now also starting to become scarce in Berlin’s commuter belt. And Strausberg in particular offers a perfect location for those wishing to live in the countryside but not too far away from Berlin. Our aim with this project, which we are now placing in the hands of Swiss Life REF (DE), was therefore to create something to attract both people from Berlin and locals from Strausberg,” says Jan Kretzschmar, Managing Director of KW Development.

Further information about “Swiss Life European Living”:
“Swiss Life REF (DE) European Living” is an open-ended public fund for private investors in Germany with residential properties in Europe. It is set up and managed by Swiss Life Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH. Distribution is exclusively through Deka. The investment strategy of “Swiss Life European Living” aims to address the growing demand for living space in European metropolitan regions and attractive urban areas. The investment focus is on residential properties in regions with positive demographic and economic development. In addition to traditional forms of housing, modern forms such as micro-apartments, serviced, senior and student housing are also considered.

Please note:
The full name of the fund is “Swiss Life REF (DE) European Living”. Further information on Swiss Life European Living is available at: https://www.deka.de/privatkunden/produkte/fonds/immobilienfonds/swiss-life-european-living