True to its commitment and values in the field of socially responsible investment (SRI), Swiss Life Asset Managers is developing its SRI noffering and announces the SRI labelling of eight new funds.

On 22 June 2022, EY France awarded the SRI label to eight funds (equity, bond, investment grade and high yield) managed by Swiss Life Asset Managers:
• Swiss Life Funds (LUX) Bond ESG Global Corporates;
• Swiss Life Funds (LUX) Bond Euro High Yield;
• Swiss Life Funds (LUX) Equity USA;
• Swiss Life Funds (LUX) Equity ESG Global;
• Swiss Life Funds (LUX) Equity Global Protect;
• Swiss Life Funds (LUX) Equity Global Minimum Volatility;
• Swiss Life Funds (LUX) Income Equity Euro Zone ;
• Swiss Life Funds (F) Bond 6M.

By obtaining eight new SRI labels, Swiss Life Asset Managers is confirming its SRI ambition with a total of 23 SRI-labelled funds with EUR 16.4 billion in assets under management as at 30 April 2022*.

Responsible investment at Swiss Life Asset Managers
Responsible investments are part of the DNA of Swiss Life Asset Managers who developed a global ESG ap-proach to responsible investment.
Swiss Life Asset Managers has a wide SRI-labelled offering and also announced the launch last February of three environmental impact equity funds dedicated to climate change, biodiversity and urbanization.
Detailed information can be found in the Responsible Investment Report.

Learn more about the SRI Label
The SRI Label is a public label created under the aegis of the French Ministry of Finance. It is facilitated jointly by the AFG (French Asset Management Association), le FIR (French Sustainable Investment Forum) and the Directorate General of the Treasury. Awarded for a period of three years, it includes follow-up audits once a year.

The SRI Label was awarded after an audit covering six pillars:
• the general objectives of the funds;
• the methodology for analysing and rating ESG criteria (environmental, social, governance);
• their integration in the investment strategy of the funds;
• the ESG engagement and voting policy at General Assembly;
• transparent management;
• and the measurement of the ESG performance of the funds.

*As at 31 December 2021, Swiss Life Asset Managers France had assets under management of EUR 62.1 billion all expertises taken together.