We are convinced that sustainable business success is based on diversity and inclusion of all employees.


Sustainable investing is embedded in our corporate DNA. We have added substance to these values in recent years through a comprehensive approach to responsible investment. In doing so, we rely on our ESG concept, which is based on the three pillars of corporate responsibility: fiduciary duty, intergenerational responsibility and active stewardship. 

Diversity and Inclusion

We are convinced that sustainable business success can be greatly increased through employee diversity and an inclusive culture. That is why our managers and employees live the values of diversity and inclusion daily. 

We strive for a culture in which every talent can develop freely. Every person in our company should feel valued and respected. We strengthen our organisation intellectually and culturally by recognising and promoting diversity. That is how we ensure sustainable success.

Overview of key personnel indicators such as average age, seniority, nationalities, total employees, female managers, Gen Z family members, parents, employees over 50, part-time employees
Young and older women and men walking down the corridor, colleagues

Continuous talent promotion 

We regard all employees as valuable talents. We have created the global AM Academy to foster their development so they can realise their full potential. Our culture is based on mutual trust and continuous feedback. This is how we sustainably promote the individual know-how of our employees and performance of our teams. 

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